Materials with a soul


If you don’t appreciate leathers that are clearly a product of a living animal, please don’t buy our products.

We love leathers with character. Growth marks and scars are some of the features that bring life to a product giving it a unique appearance. There are no flaws in nature. That is our conviction.

Our preferred leather is vegetable tanned leather in its natural shade, as it ages in a beautiful and individual manner. But we do not discriminate and we use a lot of different leathers from a wide array of animals depending on their intended purpose.

European and British tanneries produce some of the best and most interesting leathers, which is why we source our leathers from them. Our love and respect for the material is what drives us every day. 


Selecting the right hardware is another challenging process when making our products. We hold high standards and buy hardware from around the world based on strength, function and ability to age well.
We also go to great lengths finding hardware from military surplus stores or flea markets giving the product an inherent story.

Craftsmanship (and tools of the trade)

Though we have a workshop filled with plenty of machinery, we made a conscious decision to avoid the use of machinery where it doesn’t add to the quality of a product. Therefore our old, industrial sewing machines often sit idle because we primarily stitch by hand using the saddle stitch. Saddle stitching is the strongest and most reliable technique and one that can’t be replicated by any machine.

The tools of our trade play an important role in every product we produce. Most of our tool date back more than 50 years. We tend to prefer old tools, as so much craft and care went into them. Back then quality mattered. Our tools constantly inspire and encourage us to put the same effort into our own work.