Simon Tuntelder is a leather goods manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. All of our goods are designed, developed and made by hand in our workshop. Every product that leaves the workshop is a result of a careful selection of materials, a rigorous and continuous development and a design philosophy based on function. 

So in short we simply make good things.

We do our utmost to create the best possible leather goods. We appreciate simplicity, so we tend to avoid fuzzy and superfluous details. Instead we try to find an honest balance between purposeful function and aesthetics. Whilst remaining true to classic and traditional leatherworking techniques. To us Danish design is without meaning if it doesn’t equal Danish made.



Simon Tuntelder - Leather Goods


Studio and Shop

Dansk Form
Sønder Boulevard 81
1720 Copenhagen V

After the Denim v/Simon Tuntelder
(VAT  34 43 48 91)