Tote Bag - Black

DKK2,400.00 DKK

  • This tote was made to carry a ton of stuff without adding unnecessaryor fuzzy details. It is solidly built, timeless and elegant. Over time it’ll develop a wonderful patina and it’ll look just as good on her shoulder as on his.

    We usually have this tote in stock, but if it isn’t you may still order it. Our current production time is approximately 10 work days.

    If you require any customization or alteration to this, please use the contact form.

  • Completely Handmade

    Sewn by hand using the saddlestitch technique

    Edges burnished using our own special organic beeswax-mixture

    Solid brass rivets (made in USA)

    Linen thread (made in UK)

    Size approx: W 45 x H 35 x D 10++


  • Body: 2-2.6mm waxy leather from Germany

    Handles: 4-5mm waxy leather from Germany

    This black leather is sourced from a small German tannery that we work very closely with. It’s vegetable tanned, after which it is hotstuffed with wax, tallows and oils making it very hard wearing. The leather is then dyed by hand, meaning it isn’t struck through and it’ll have a brownish centre.

    There are no flaws in nature and we use uncorrected leather that shows signs of a life well lived. Therefore scars, vein- and growth marks aren’t considered flaws but rather our seal of approval.

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